Maxim Verge 2 reported for Nintendo Switch


Thomas Happ Games is satisfied to declare today that Axiom Verge 2, a much-anticipated spin-off, will be coming to Nintendo Switch at some point in late 2020, with different stages to be reported sometime in the not too distant future.

Here’s a review of the game, by means of its official site:

Decades later… or is it hundreds of years sooner?

You may have played Axiom Verge, or heard it referenced as a benchmark for outside the box “metroidvania” undertakings. Adage Verge 2 is a piece of a similar story as Axiom Verge 1 yet is a totally new game: new characters, new powers, new foes, and another world. You can play it previously or after the first.

Meet Indra, the baffling extremely rich person behind the overall Globe 3 combination. What is this world she’s found? Who are the voices that appear to call her?

Aphorism Verge 2 is coming in late 2020 for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to find out about extra stages!

Not Just Another World

Hiding in a cargo lift in Antarctica is what appears to be an ancient, alternate Earth, complete with mountains, lakes, deserts, and the ruins of a civilization. But you get the feeling that something else is lurking just past the fringes of reality, waiting to pull you in.

  • Climb your way across a variety of terrains.
  • Exploit enemies through hacking.
  • Venture off with your remote drone.

Items and Enemies

You may think you already know the world of Axiom Verge. Think again.

  • Urns – If you break open one of these you’ll gain new powers and abilities from the entities trapped inside. But at what cost?
  • Compass – This lapis lazuli pendant sparkles with light. As you draw nearer to an urn, the light coalesces to point in its general direction.
  • Drones – These mechanical foes attack you on sight. But like anything with a computer at its core, they can be hacked, each for varying effects.
  • Save Shrines – Every time you stop at one of these, a tiny piece of you is left behind. This allows you to be reborn if you take too much damage to continue.

…And Something Else

You sense there is a bigger secret to this world. What could it be?

Check out the Axiom Verge 2 announcement trailer below:



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