The Division 2: Negative Ramos – Trophy and Achievement Guide


The Division 2 – Negative Ramos! trophies and accomplishments manage. We’ll give you how you can finish Division 2 with 100%, and you’ll have to do the accompanying:

Negative Ramos!

Stun foe surgeons by shooting their defibrillator.

An outline of the considerable number of trophies and accomplishments can be found here, The Division 2 Trophies Guide.


Negative Ramos – Paramedics shock with the defibrillator


The first opportunity to unlock this trophy is the main mission American History Museum. If you need to reach the archive, a paramedic with purple health indicator will appear. Medics have a “+” sign above their health indicator. On the back they wear a defibrillator. If a paramedic attempts to revive a dead enemy, you must shoot his rucksack to explode the defibrillator and shock the paramedics.

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