Improve Smash Ultimate Netplay and Switch Online connectivity using this small tweak


The Nintendo Switch has an exceptionally dreary systems administration arrangement that could obstruct your experience while playing Super Smash Bros. Extreme on the web or utilizing other Switch Online administrations. Follow this guide for a little change to improve the online experience a lot.

The Nintendo Switch fundamentally interfaces with the Internet by means of WiFi except if you purchase an Ethernet Adapter, in case you will play Smash Ultimate online the principal thing we suggest is you get a conventional connector. You can get a legitimate USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter if the formally authorized ones are excessively costly.

Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros. Online Netplay Tweak

Today’s tweak will help make the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online experience much smoother, help you connect to better quality matches and reduce latency and disconnections.

We’ll be tweaking the Nintendo Switch’s MTU Settings. Since the Switch comes reconfigured with a certain MTU setting unlike the PS4 or Xbox One which automatically set one for you (that’s not a good solution either), you could be possibly waiting needlessly for data that your connection could easily handle.

The Nintendo Switch comes pre-configured with a MTU value of 1400 which is too low for most connections nowadays.

What is MTU?

An MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit helps your Modem or Router (depending on your configuration) determine the largest data size that your connection can handle without dropping packets. If your MTU is too small, you’re needlessly waiting for data, while if your MTU is too large you’ll experience connectivity issues and packet loss. Every connection is different so instead of recommending a single MTU value we’ll recommend that you take out some time and find the one that best suits your connection.


Improve Smash Ultimate Netplay and Switch Online connectivity using this small tweak


If you’re on Windows, open the cmd program, you can do this by searching for cmd in the search bar or open the Run program and enterting cmd.exe. There enter the following command:

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