The Disney Afternoon Collection Review (PS4)


The Disney Afternoon Collection is the second assortment of Legacy games from Digital Eclipse who have recently dealt with the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Their primary point with these re-arrival of exemplary games is to carry them to a crowd of people through a genuine way enabling them to buy them again without turning to obscure stunts like utilizing imitating. This has functioned admirably so far with Mega Man Legacy Collection being a hit among the fans and The Disney Afternoon Collection here is no special case.

The Disney Afternoon Collections takes a portion of the fan most loved great Disney games that were initially discharged for the Nintendo Entertainment System to protect and incorporate them in a bundle with additional items like the first work of art, boxart and ideas from the game that still can’t seem to advance toward fans beside the stalwart authorities. It follows a similar structure theory as the Megaman Legacy Collection bringing about an imitating that is valid down to the latest possible time and even offers some extra highlights alongside every one of the bundled game, including Boss Rush mode and the capacity to rewind and stop games.

The Disney Afternoon Collection contains around 6 games. The ones that are included in this compilation are Tailspin, Duck Tales 1 and 2, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers 1 and 2 and Darkwing Duck. Even those it has been years since these games were released, they have still aged well and can be played with ease. The collection specifically contains games that were developed by Capcom featuring different Disney properties.

If you are a fan of the old school pixelated art style and prefer your games to play like the original without any changes to the source code, you will love The Disney Afternoon Collection as it manages to achieve exactly that and comes with extra features as well. While these extra features don’t look like much, they do add some value to these NES games and if you don’t have the same reflexes that you did as a kid and can’t beat some of the tougher gameplay sections, you can try to exploit the rewind and pause mechanics without breaking your controller in frustration.


While you can play through each of the game included in this collection, there are also some optional modes available that add extra value to these games. They are the boss rush mode and the time attack mode. The time attack mode in particular requires special mention here as not only it includes a leaderboard, it also gives us the ability to watch any of the attempted record breaking time attack run on the leaderboards. If you would like to see the tricks used to achieve a short time, then you can do it directly from the game. You can also attempt to challenge the time set by the player by ‘racing’ against them. Boss Rush mode also works in similar way while giving the same choices as the time attack mode. If you want to know the secrets of defeating a boss quickly, this mode will be interested to watch out.


While the original Nintendo Entertainment System didn’t allow saving at any point during the game, this collection adds the ability to save and load at any point making it far easier to complete these classics. Together with the rewind mechanics that have been added to this collection, completing our childhood classics will be easier now than it was in the past. These aren’t forced so if you want to play them in the old way, you can simply choose to ignore them.

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