FIFA 19 Tips: How To Use Any Stadium In FIFA Ultimate Team Without Shadows


Here is an extraordinary tip for FIFA 19 that will let you utilize any arena in FIFA Ultimate Team and play in clear light conditions without agonizing over shadows.

This revelation was made and shared on Reddit and here is the way it works in nitty gritty advances.

  1. Go to UT, choose the stadium you like.
  2. Back out of UT, go to regular kickoff
  3. Either find the team chosen stadium belongs to or just choose whatever team you want
  4. Go to match settings, choose the stadium you have in UT
  5. Go to Custom, set the season, weather and the time of day.
  6. Make sure it says either summer or fall and at night (so around 9 p.m.)
  7. Apply changes and back out. Go back to UT and the stadium you edited in kickoff will have the same settings you have in kickoff!

Other users pointed out that it is not always necessary to completely back out of FIFA Ultimate Team. You can set settings as you start squad battles and the game will carry over.


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FIFA 19 is available through early access on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will launch on September 28th for the Nintendo Switch and as standard release on other platforms.

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