Agents of Mayhem Guide: How To Find Vehicle Blueprints


In the realm of Agents of Mayhem, players can take vehicles off the road from any non military personnel. There is an enormous assortment of vehicles in the game, and players can take whichever one they like.

You should simply approach a vehicle and take it, be that as it may, these are simply typical autos that are not excellent, and there are better ones in the game. To get the best vehicles in the game, players should discover diagrams. These diagrams are dissipated across Seoul, and discovering them can be a battle.

How To Find Vehicle Blueprints In Agents of Mayhem:

The Vehicle Blueprints can be hard to find, as they are found inside Loot Crates that are scattered across the city. There is a very effective way to find these Loot Crates and this guide will help you find every single one in Agents of Mayhem.

Before you start looking for these Loot Crates, players will have to purchase a couple of items from the Requisition in The Ark. Here, you can purchase items that will help you in the game. The upgrades you are looking for are for the Scanner. To find the Loot Crates with ease, players will have to purchase two upgrades. These upgrades will increase the area the scanner scans, and show you the location of Loot Crates in your vicinity.


The scanner shows players enemy units, missions and a lot more in the map. Once you have purchased the two scanner upgrades mentioned above, players will be able to scan a large part of the map and locate all the loot crates in the area. Obtain a blueprint from these crates and you will get a marker on your map. Go to the location and you will find the vehicle you have received the blueprint for.

Once you have the vehicle, players can upgrade it and change its appearance. This can all be done in the Vehicle Bay, where all of your vehicles are stored. You can also set your favorite vehicles as you active vehicle and call it whenever you want. It will automatically drive to you, so you won’t have to look for a vehicle.

Hopefully this guide helped you find all the blueprints and vehicles in Agents of Mayhem. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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