Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: Best Job For Every Character


In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, players have a huge assortment of characters to browse. Each character has an interesting characteristics and quality, yet they additionally have shortcomings. Nearby the enormous assortment of characters, The Zodiac Age presents a couple of occupations that players can finish to gain XP and LP.

Because of the characteristics and qualities of certain characters, each character has a bit of leeway, just as a disservice, in a portion of these employments. This guide will assist players with picking the most ideal character, for the occupations in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. This will make it simpler for players to finish occupations, enabling them to procure the XP and LP they need.

Best Job For Every Character In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age:

Before you decide on who to choose for a specific job, keep in mind that all the characters can complete any of the jobs, so it is not compulsory for players to choose the characters listed in this guide, however, the characters mentioned for the jobs will have an easier time, compared to other characters due to their characteristics and attributes/strengths.



The Archer class focuses on ranged physical attacks with additional benefits. The ideal characters for this job are Fran and Basch, as they are strong in attacking from a distance.


Bushi is a class where the character uses Katanas. This class depends on both, strength and magic stats, to inflict physical damage to the foes. The higher the strength and magic attributes, the more damage you will do. The best character for this class is Vaan, as he has both the attributes needed for this class.


The Black Mage class allows the character to use offensive magic to eliminate the enemy. The ideal character for this class is Ashe, however, you can also use Penelo if you want.



Foebreaker is a tank class that stands at the front, as they block all the damage, allowing the other members of the team to inflict damage to their enemies from the back lines. Due to their Strength, Balthier and Basch are the best for this job.

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