Persona 5 Beginners Guide: Best Confidants, Social Links, Powering Up Persona, More


Persona 5 is a mind-boggling game since it gives the player the opportunity to endeavor an assortment of errands. On the off chance that you are new to the Persona arrangement and have quite recently begun the game, this tenderfoots guide can assist you with concentrating on angles that give the best result.

There are numerous ongoing interaction mechanics in Persona 5 that require the player to devote some time yet they do give an improvement in the general understanding by giving the player new things like aptitudes to use in fight or Persona that can be melded and opened to improve their present structure.

Best Condifants In Persona 5

Persona 5 is bringing back the Social Links from the first game and there are a whole lot of them in Persona 5, based on the popular Tarot Cards. Here are the ones that need your attention the most so make sure you build your relationship with them.

  • Temperance (Lets you create tools, study and lot of other important abilities at School)
  • Wheel of Fortune (Provides a boost to money earned in game)
  • Star (Gives some useful abilities earlier in the game)
  • Sun (Improves negotiating skills)
  • Tower (Best for using the guns in combat)
  • Death (Gives some great accessories once you level it up)

How To Easily Power-Up Persona

If you are interested in increasing the confidant (coop) level in Persona 5 for a particular Arcana, make sure that you have the same type of Arcana in order to improve them even further. This won’t work with Fool, Magician, Strength, Moon, Sun, Justice and Judgment.


To power-up a Persona easily, make sure you register them in the compendium after powering up. This will make the Persona retain its boosted stats after powering up that lets you delete it so that you can buy it again with the improved stats. This also depends on the level of the main character so do keep that in mind.

Some Dating Tips For Persona 5

It is possible to date all the 9 partners in Persona 5 however it does lead to some interesting scenarios later in the game and might make you feel guilty for some of the romance options. You don’t really need to specifically pursue dating in order to build a relationship in the game.


If you are given multiple choices during such an encounter, go with the natural one instead of the one that feels forced because it might not work. Honestly there isn’t really much to offer here as you just need to act natural and go with the flow.

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