Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Defeat A Shell-Walker


In Horizon Zero Dawn, players should accumulate assets so as to endure. To get assets, you should bring down foe robots and plunder them.

One of the robots you will experience in the game is known as the Shell-Walker. Shell-Walkers are crab like robots that navigate the land at a truly drowsy pace. The six-legged robot isn’t hard to bring down because of its low versatility. In any case, bringing it down won’t be a stroll in the recreation center either.

How To Take Down A Shell-Walker:

The Shell-Walkers might not be the most agile enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn, but they are quite durable and can dish out a lot of damage. Shell-Walkers have a shield, which they activate before charging at you.


Alongside the charge attack, the Shell-Walkers are also equipped with a weapon called the Lightning Gun. This weapon can deal a lot of damage so its best to evade it.

If your only goal is to obtain the Shell-Walker’s cargo, then you can do that without having to take it down. Simply destroy the cargo holders, and the container on their back will fall to the ground. The Shell-walkers will try to pick up the container, so make sure you prevent them from retrieving it.


To disable the Shell-Walker’s Lightning Gun and Shield, players can destroy the power generator on its belly. This will limit the walker’s offensive capabilities. From there, players can chip away at the Shell-Walker. Due to its slow mobility, players can easily attack the Shell-Walkers from behind. This will also reduce the chance of players getting attacked.

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