Nioh: How To Farm High Tier Items And Exotic Forge Materials


During your play through of Nioh, you will run over various sorts of things, that are of various level and irregularity.

Uncommon things can be discovered everywhere throughout the universe of Nioh, and this guide will assist you with cultivating high level things, just as Exotic manufacture materials in the game. The technique displayed underneath can be performed at any phase of the game, however you won’t get any high level things if your character is at a low level.


How To Farm Rare Items And Exotic Forge Materials In Nioh:

This method will mainly focus on items that are of the Purple rarity, and keep in mind that the stats of the items scale with your character’s level so you can not expect to get a high tier item at a low level.


To make the process more efficient, equip items that have a +% to drop rate effect on them. Once you are ready to start farming the purple items, simply start up any sub mission. You can choose any at random, and start it up. When in the mission, you must find and locate Revenants.

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