My Friend Pedro (Switch) Unboxing; Includes a Couple Neat Goodies


One later and welcome pattern for Nintendo Switch is discharging littler or more specialty games with various treats. Presently, notwithstanding getting a game you love in an increasingly overwhelming and displayable structure, there are some extra things also. My Friend Pedro is an ongoing case of this and incorporates various energizing treats.

Right off the bat My Friend Pedro utilizes the main image associated with the game and there is a helpful sticker telling you this edition includes stickers, poster, reversible cover and OST.

Inside is a poster featuring the same title artwork we’ve already seen before. It’s a good quality poster, somewhat thick and decently sized (Switch game case added for scale) that would make a decent thing to hang. However, like most posters included with Switch games, there are very visible fold lines and my poster already had some wear after unfolding it once.


The remaining goodies include the game, obviously, play a couple stickers and the OST. The stickers offer a good amount of variety, while still highlighting elements associated with the game. Even if I just saw the banana on someone’s laptop I’d know it related to My Friend Pedro over questioning what it relates to.

Finally, the OST is a redeemable code for Bandcamp. If you haven’t redeemed a code via Bandcamp before, you can stream it or download it a variety of different ways. Downloads include MP3 (247MB), MP3 320 (289MB), FLAC 774MB), AAC (190MB), Ogg Vorbis (154MB), ALAC (792MB) WAV (1.2GB) and AIFF (1.5GB), giving players a good number of options to store and play this 42 song OST.


In all and all, it’s a nice little bundle for anyone looking to check out My Friend Pedro or simply get whatever collectibles for the game you can get.

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