Remothered: Broken Porcelain story details revealed


Following the achievement of Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Modus Games and designer Stormind Games uncovered today story subtleties for its up and coming continuation, Remothored: Broken Porcelain.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain will be discharged in Summer 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. It will be an immediate spin-off of the principal game that was discharged a while prior.

Notwithstanding the story subtleties, Modus Games likewise uncovered the characters in the game. Discover the subtleties beneath:


After her ejection from an all-young ladies all inclusive school, the defiant Jen endures damage endeavoring to escape from the Ashmann Inn, where she was sent to fill in as one of its house keepers. Together with her new companion and individual house keeper, a shy musician named Linn, Jen gradually gets mindful of the estate’s disrupting history. As the two young ladies start to watch unusual events including the motel’s occupants, an unpleasant figure sneaking inside the corridors, and an inauspicious nearness from inside the inn, the team must escape from their jail with reality… and their lives.

In the interim, the baffling Rosemary Reed experiences an old adversary, the since deformed proprietor of the Ashmann Inn, in her proceeded with look for Celeste Felton-a little youngster who evaporated a long time before under unexplainable conditions. Closer to the appropriate responses she looks for than any time in recent memory, Reed will reveal everybody’s job in this curved plot, regardless.


– Jennifer “Jen” – A boisterous yet saved fifteen-year-old oddball, has been depended to the Ashmann Inn as its house keeper subsequent to being ousted from the Flemmington Girls’ Institute. Upon her appearance, she finds that the occupants of the motel are associated by a dim nearness the thumping heart of the inn that sees her as a danger. At the same time, Jen’s past causes issues down the road for her regardless of what estimates she takes to get away.


– Rosemary Reed – Reed, an upset criminal looking for answers, proceeds with her quest for the missing Celeste Felton. Her examination will lead her to an old colleague, the unpleasant proprietor of the lodging who is presently deformed by a horrendous “mishap. Her assurance to discover reality will push Reed as far as possible and challenge all that she knows to be valid.

– Porcelain – Rumors portray Porcelain as an unpleasant figure said to stalk the Ashmann Inn, tormenting its occupants with his horrendous looking stick and famous whistle that resonates all through its corridors. Nobody can affirm on the off chance that he truly exists, yet Jen can’t help shake the inclination that he’s constantly close, viewing from practically around the bend.

– Andrea Massino – As the fundamental maid of the unconventional Ashmann Inn, Andrea keeps tight control over everything. She is profoundly faithful to the proprietors of the motel and mindful of a considerable lot of their dim insider facts. In spite of being a sincere hireling of God, a progression of awful occasions in her past has persuaded she has been denounced by her confidence, and that somebody inside the inn might be plotting her death.


– Lindsay Linn – Linn is a tentative and uncertain sixteen-year-old young lady with a falter who works at the Ashmann Inn as a house cleaner. In spite of her social insufficiencies, the skilled musician rapidly gets to know Jen through their common enthusiasm for music. Be that as it may, their sprouting companionship will be put to test as they explore the threats inside their new home.

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