CD Projekt Red Comments on Microtransactions and Switch Port of Cyberpunk 2077


With Cyberpunk 2077’s April 2020 discharge date quick drawing nearer and The Witcher 3 arriving on Switch in two days, GameSpot got the opportunity to talk with John Mamais, leader of the Krakow office, on various things.

Those inspired by the full meeting can look at it here, yet there were some intriguing remarks on hot catch issues like microtransactions and the plausibility of the Switch rendition.

Concerning microtransactions, by the hints of Mamais’ remark, Cyberpunk 2077 will maintain a strategic distance from them to forestall souring their past positive attitude.

I believe it’s an ill-conceived notion to do microtransactions after you discharge a game. It appears as though it’s entirely productive, however. It’s likely a hard choice for the person that maintains the business to choose on the off chance that we ought to do it or not. In any case, if everybody detests it, for what reason would we accomplish something to that effect and lose the altruism of our clients?


John Mamais to GameSpot

Since many would’ve thought The Witcher 3 arriving on Switch was outlandish, some are confident they can do something amazing and figure out how to in the end bring Cyberpunk 2077 over. While Mamais’ remark doesn’t totally reject it, chances of that are presumably impossible.

Who might have thought a game like The Witcher 3 would be conceivable on Switch, so who knows? I surmise we’ll see, on the off chance that we ‘choose to put it on the Switch, on the off chance that we can do it. Likely not.

John Mamais to GameSpot


Yet, before we stress over a potential Switch port, Mamais confirmed that there are some who think they’ll have the option to discharge in April 16, 2020, where as others don’t. Considering we have seen various large discharges get delays and their pledge to convey a stunning encounter, at any rate we can likely expect that, when it does in the long run discharge, be it on the arranged day or at some point later, it will be in a decent working state.

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