Switch Lite – Battery Saving Tips


Presently that the exceptionally foreseen Switch Lite has at long last discharged, many are energized, as beside being the least expensive elective choice to have a Switch, it likewise has a more drawn out battery life that can last up to 4-7 hours relying upon the game you’re playing.

Between the first Switch and the Lite, there are a couple of contrasts that make the Lite spare more battery power. It does last longer than the first Switch by just an hour or two, contingent upon the game you are playing.

So as to boost that battery life, here are some Switch Lite – battery sparing tips to remember of:

1. Lower the Brightness Setting

One of the ways to really drain battery power is when you have the brightness setting on at high levels. To save battery juice, make sure that you lower it as much as possible to save battery life.

2. Play with Headphones or no Sounds

Whenever the small speakers of the Switch Lite are being used, it draws power from the battery, making the battery life shorter. If you have headphones or headsets, use it. Or better yet – don’t play with sounds.


3. Turn on Airplane Mode

Okay, if you find yourself outside of your house and not using any WiFi connection, make sure that you turn on Airplane Mode. Turning it on will make the Switch stop searching WiFi signals.

4. Run low-powered games

There are certain games that draws battery juice faster than others. An example of this is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On a single charge of the Switch Lite, it could run you up to four to five hours. With other games like Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, it could last you about seven hours or more.

5. Turn it Off

Assuming you are done playing, and it will be for a long time before you play again, make sure you turn it off. Putting the Switch Lite on Switch mode will still drain power from the battery.


Switch Lite is now available in North America for $199.99. Don’t forget to follow our Switch Lite Battery Saving tips!

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