Turok 2: Seeds of Evil launches for Switch on January 28


Nightdive Studios’ Turok 2: Seeds of Evil remaster has at long last gotten a discharge date and will be discharged on August 9 by means of the Nintendo eShop.

The Turok 2: Seeds of Evil remaster first propelled for PC at some point in March 2017, while the Xbox One variant was discharged a year later in March 2018.

Here’s a diagram of the game, by means of Nintendo:

Having vanquished the Campaigner, Turok tosses the Chronocepter into a holding up well of lava to demolish it. Sadly the impact stirs a much deadlier power – The Primagen. Indeed a Turok is entrusted with reestablishing harmony to the land and preventing the Primagen from combining Earth with the under world.

The Dinosaur Hunter Returns

  • Fight your way through 35 different types of enemies with bouncing bellies, blinking eyes, stretching tentacles and snapping jaws. From Prehistoric Raptors, to evolved Flesh Eaters, to your final battle with the Mother of all beasts—you’ll want to defeat all of them!
  • Enemies are intelligent! They’re smart enough to attack in groups, to flee when they are outgunned, and to take cover during a firefight.
  • Enemies flinch and spasm differently depending on which body part you hit.

Remastered Locations

  • Conquer six engrossing Quest Levels including the Port of Adia, the Death Marshes and the Lair of the Blind Ones.

Over 20 Weapons

  • Unload multiple ricocheting shotgun shells with the Shredder. Stomp enemies flat while riding an artillery-mounted Triceratops!
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