Pokemon Sword and Shield producer responds to the National PokeDex Issue


Following a remark that was made with respect to some Pokemon that can’t be moved to the arrangement’s most recent discharge, Game Freak discharged an announcement today from Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield maker Junichi Masuda.

As a recap, this is what Matsuda needs to state during the Nintendo: Treehouse Live Broadcast at E3 2019:

So in past games that worked with the Pokemon Bank administration you had the option to—for instance, in Sun and Moon—bring over any Pokemon regardless of whether they weren’t in the Alolan Pokedex.

Be that as it may, with the change to the Nintendo Switch equipment, it’s all the more dominant, permitting us to be increasingly expressive with every one of the individual Pokemon.

Furthermore, presently we’re well more than 800 Pokemon species in the games. At Game Freak, we’re truly pondering what the most ideal route forward was, truly safeguarding the nature of all the Pokemon, while additionally considering the fight balance—having such a large number of various Pokemon accessible, all inside a constrained advancement time so we don’t keep fans standing by unreasonably long for each passage into the arrangement.

Furthermore, after a ton of exchange we chose to go to another heading, thus what that implies for Pokemon Sword and Shield is that players will be capable exchange their Pokemon from Pokemon Home just on the off chance that they are in the Galar district Pokedex.


So we were extremely mindful so as to choose what Pokemon would coordinate the setting of the experience would be.

I’ll speak increasingly about this in future chances, for example, media meets however I needed to tell you today.

I know there are a great deal of clients of the Pokemon Bank administration who need to carry their Pokemon to Home so I figured I would tell you well ahead of time.

What’s more, here’s the announcement tending to the fan analysis today:

Much obliged to you to the entirety of our fans for thinking so profoundly about Pokemon. As of late, I shared the news that some Pokemon can’t be moved to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. I’ve perused every one of your remarks and value your adoration and energy for Pokemon.

Much the same as every one of you, we are energetic about Pokemon and all of them is essential to us. After such a significant number of long stretches of building up the Pokemon computer games, this was an exceptionally troublesome choice for me. I’d prefer to make one thing understood: regardless of whether a particular Pokemon isn’t accessible in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, that doesn’t mean it won’t show up in future games.

The universe of Pokemon keeps on developing. The Galar district offers new Pokemon to experience, Trainers to fight, and undertakings to set out on. We are emptying our hearts into these games, and we trust you will anticipate going along with us on this new excursion.

June 28, 2019


Junichi Masuda

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