Lapis X Labyrinth – Build Guide


Regardless, Lapis X Labyrinth works admirably of clarifying the primary concerns, however doesn’t give players a lot to work with on the better ones. This can make finding the correct form troublesome, particularly on the off chance that you don’t give close consideration to aptitudes or potential forms. Fortunately, it’s in reality significantly simpler than it looks.

Best Stack

Regardless of having eight classes, each with their own focal points and burdens, some are more valuable than others. The out and out best class is Hunter, trailed by Bishop and afterward two based on your very own preference.

What makes the Hunter so extraordinary is the exceptional property Vampire. This credit permits players to recuperate 1 percent of harm managed, making it incredibly difficult to slaughter somebody. In the occasion things go south, the Bishop’s uncommon assault recuperates wellbeing, taking into account fast spares and progressively risky strategies.

Outside of those two I’d recommend a Shielder, as they include a decent measure of safeguard, however it truly doesn’t make a difference as long as you have great apparatus.

What to Train

For each character you ought to organize base HP and base Attack. These both top at 10 and increment both details by around 100. This implies you’re both harder to slaughter and murder quicker, a strong combo. Given how perilous fire and toxic substance can be, you should likewise support obstruction, however you extremely just need those two details.


The best properties are as per the following:

  • Plan B
  • Vampire
  • Guard All
  • Attack Boost
  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Rate Up
  • Base Attack Up
  • Base HP Up
  • Studious
  • Overpower
  • Enlighten

The general idea is, you’ll have enough damage, defense and health that you can heal any damage you take. This can make any challenge, even the final world, an absolute joke. Even if you don’t have all these skills, Vampire and Plan B are powerful enough to make up for even a bad build.


One thing to keep in mind is most of these skills cap at 50 (base attack, base hp, critical damage and overpowered), some at 25 (critical rate), others 20 (guard all) and anything that says max is fully leveled. Since getting these perks can be somewhat difficult, I strongly suggest looking for Hunter items that have Vampire and build based off that. Things like guard all can be found on Devil’s Monocles and glasses always come with studious. The only harder one to obtain is enlighten, which is found on essence gems.

As for maximizing power or potential, I strongly suggest getting creative. Like, if you don’t have the resources to bring something like critical rate up to 25 or studious to 100, don’t be afraid to use another slot for the same perk. Stacking perks will yield the same advantage, it will just make you less powerful in the long run. This isn’t enough to matter, at least in the grand scheme, just something to consider if you want to see how high you can get numbers.


Another handy thing to keep in mind is grimoires just increase stats. Through those alone you can get 20 percent resistance in every element, boost your attack and generally improve your build without a lot of effort. I don’t suggest bothering with them before post game, but if you hit a wall it’s a fantastic way to get past it.


By utilizing all these resources and building the right perks, you can make quick work of the optional dungeon. So quick that it can go from a stressful adventure to a walk in the park.

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