This Week’s New Releases 4/7 – 4/13; Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and More


Like earlier years, April is continually something of a diverse assortment. One week from now we have Cuphead and World War Z, with the week subsequent to giving us Days Gone, however next to no is going on this week.

Seemingly the most energizing discharge is Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. With it being a first individual constant RPG, it, if nothing else, sticks out. What’s more, for anybody going back and forth, there is a demo to look at it. Going along with it is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Given the notoriety of the establishment, it’s the ideal possibility for players to perceive what it’s about or experience it once more.

Notwithstanding that, following a very late deferral, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is set to give players an exciting low spending experience. With humorously awful components, ludicrous plot and dreary mechanics, it’s an arrangement that nearly exists completely on its reason being so terrible it’s acceptable.


What’s more, if none of these titles make you excited, check the full rundown beneath:


Monday 4/8

  • 30 Days To Survive (PC)
  • Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (PC)
  • Jungle Z (Switch)
  • Ghost 1.0 (PS4)
  • Assault Of The Robots (PC)
  • Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas (PC)

Tuesday 4/9

  • Zanki Zero: Last Beginning (PS4/PC)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (PS4/Switch/PC/XBO)
  • OverTheCloud : Lost Planet (PC)
  • Falcon Age (PS4)
  • Vaporum (PS4/Switch/XBO)
  • Dissection Simulator: Frog Edition (VR)
  • Airport Simulator (PS4)
  • Dangerous Driving (PS4/PC/XBO)
  • Out There: Ω The Alliance (Switch)
  • Vacation Simulator (VR)

Wednesday 4/10

  • Switch ‘N’ Shoot (Switch)
  • Plaguepunk Justice (PC)
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 (Switch/XBO)
  • Royal Roads (PS4)
  • Metaverse Keeper (PC)

Thursday 4/11

  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Switch)
  • Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain (PS4)
  • The Demon Crystal (Switch)
  • Way Of The Passive Fist (Switch)
  • Weedcraft Inc (PC)
  • Shadowgate (PS4/Switch/XBO)
  • Super Star Path (Switch)
  • Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission (Switch)
  • Reigns: Game Of Thrones (Switch)
  • Back To Bed (Switch)
  • Silence (Switch)
  • F18 Carrier Landing (VR)
  • Axiom Soccer (PC)
  • Bot Vice (Switch)
  • Box Align (Switch)
  • Akabeth Tactics (PC)
  • Leaf (PC)
  • Pathway (PC)
  • Tiny Tracks (PC)

Friday 4/12

  • Street Basketball (Switch)
  • Bubbles The Cat (PC)
  • Paradox Vector (PC)
  • Rolling Sky (Switch)
  • Constructor Plus (PS4)
  • Hotlap Heroes (PC)
  • Dark Quest 2 (PS4)
  • A Dark Room (Switch)
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