Pokemon Nintendo Direct set for tomorrow, February 27


While many Pokemon lovers are waiting for Nintendo to announce the much awaited RPG from GameFreak for the Nintendo Switch, it appears that Nintendo will be sharing some advice about it tomorrow, February 27.

There will be an exclusive Nintendo Direct demonstration tomorrow focused on Pokemon. While the particulars weren’t declared as to what the presentation will be about, many are expecting that this Direct demonstration will unveil the Pokemon RPG that everyone was expecting from GameFreak. Could the rumors be true that the Pokemon game will be tagged Pokemon King and Pokemon Queen? We will definitely find out tomorrow at 6AM PT / 9AM PT.

Since the debut of the Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee, many are already expecting the big Pokemon game that GameFreak is currently working on. Hopefully together with the announcement of a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, there’ll be a new generation of Pokemon that they will announce, a new gameplay far better from Let’s Go, Eevee and Pikachu, and undoubtedly a much better multiplayer.


Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee is the newest Pokemon game that Nintendo released for the Switch last November. As soon as it is not really the main heart Pokemon games that everyone hoped for, it is excellent for novices who wants test out the series began with fresh graphics and different gameplay compared to the first.

Pokemon RPG (unannounced title) is expected to launch this November 2019 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. We must wait until tomorrow for details of Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct.

Fans Will Have the Ability to see it live at the following links:

North America (YouTube)
Europe (YouTube)
Japan (YouTube)


In case you miss the demonstration of tomorrow out, check back with us for our policy. Stay tuned for details!


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