Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition getting Update 1.2 on March 7

Announced today that a brand new upgrade for Tales of Vesperia: Profession Edition is going to be published tomorrow, March 7, across all programs.

Every one of those programs at which Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition premiered will be given a particular upgrades. Updates that applies to all variations is that the screen lag that typically happen in also an problem and Mantaic with the voice of Flynn.

Here is the complete list of modifications below:

All Versions

Fixed a rare problem where the game will freeze through gameplay.
Adjusted the elevation of particular enemies both from the overworld map and in conflict.
Fixed the screen lag that would happen in Mantaic.
Adjusted the behaviour of stick controls throughout conflict.
Fixed a problem where Flynn’s voice could play Japanese when changing his approach to”You” through conflict, even if voiceover configurations were set to English.
Increased stability of different behaviours.
PStation 4, Xbox One, and Change Versionslay

Fixed a problem where an arte delegated to a shortcut would not be done properly when adhere controls to do it.
Xbox One, Change, and Steam (After Having a Command ) Versions

Fixed a problem where certain of Rita and Estelle’s artes would activate in an unintended site.
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Versions

Fixed the cooking challenge sub-event so an occasion scene today plays when the participant wins.
Switch Version

  • Adjusted the sound balance.
    Steam Version

Fixed a problem in which finishing 100 percent of those accomplishments would revert your advancement to the last place you saved.
Left a problem so any meals could be cooked out of the conflict results display even after assessing your own button configuration.
Increased overall performance and decreased latency.
Fixed a problem where configurations shifted in”Configs” wouldn’t be reflected correctly. Also enabled specific configurations to be corrected in the in-game”Configs” menu.
Fixed a problem with Patty’s”Brainiac Magic Choice” so that it can now be properly chosen when changing button missions.
Fixed text that will display incorrectly for specific positions.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is available today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Change and PC through Steam.

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