Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes ‘Day 7 Patch’ now live for Switch


Grasshopper Manufacture discharged today the Day 7 Patch for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for the Nintendo Switch.

One of the increases in the new fix is the new opening motion picture with an appearance from Killer 7 hero Dan Smith.

Here’s more data about the new fix:

In-Game Collaboration with Killer7 Character Dan Smith

Dan Smith, the character showing up in the game Killer7, which was discharged for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005 and afterward to Steam in November of a year ago, shows up in the Travis Strikes Again opening motion picture. Coming back to the game to voice the character 15 years after the arrival of the GameCube unique is none other than Michael Gough. Dan Smith appears at visit Bad Man, who is plotting his retribution on fundamental character Travis Touchdown for Travis’ homicide of his girl. What could Smith’s actual aims be? This energizing new opening motion picture is remembered for the Day 7 fix, discharged today, January 25—seven days after the reelase of Travis Strikes Again.

For the individuals who have missed Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, here’s a review of the game:

Get into the game—truly! Pillar Katana close by, Travis Strikes Again!


Quite a long while after No More Heroes 2… This time, the setting is a community in no place in the American South. Badman appears at the trailer Travis has been living in to get retribution for the homicide of his little girl, Bad Girl, and things turn out badly. As they fight it out, the two are sucked into the game universe of the unbelievable game support, the Death Drive Mkⅱ. Created by Dr. Adolescent, the Death Drive Mkⅱ has six games contained on Death Balls. It’s said that gathering every one of the six and afterward beating each game permits the player to have one wish allowed. Travis and Badman collaborate to utilize the Death Balls to breath life into Bad Girl back.

  • In the Adventure Part, you can search for Death Balls (game software) and enjoy hilarious interactions between characters.
  • Pass a Joy-Con™ to a friend and team up anytime, anywhere! By performing simultaneous Charge Attacks during co-op play, you can unleash the super-powerful co-op attack Choco Banana with Caramel Ice Cream.
  • Collaborations with various indie games! You just may find your own favorite character!
  • Features lots of laughs and iconic gags from the NMH series, such as saving your game on the toilet, etc.!
  • DLC scheduled to make fan favorites playable! Stages also to be added!
  • Hit the road in an all new adventure with gaming’s most hardcore otaku assassin.
  • Beam Katana in hand, Travis Strikes Again!

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is available now for Switch. Here’s our review for more information about the game.

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