Warframe’s Fortuna Expansion coming to Switch tomorrow


Is very happy to announce now that Warframe’s Fortuna growth will eventually be coming to Nintendo Switch beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, February 5.

Warframe: Fortuna is a brand new open-world landscape that has fantastically-good appearing dream environment chock with packed with fresh gameplay, actions, rich narrative, and distance ninja adventure. Tenno is anticipated to rush around the K-Drive Hoverboard through the tundra to research mushroom woods mountains, or caves, combating Raknoids saving regional creatures from extinction, or facing the Corpus faction that was covetous.

Here’s an overview of the growth:

Back in Fortuna, Nintendo Shift players will satisfy this expansion to be kicked off by the Faction Solaris United. Whether at the underground hub town of Fortuna or around the surface of this Orb Vallis, players may dive right into Solaris United’s stories, find out about the plight of the company, Eudico, Rude Zuud, the crafty Ventkids, along with others, and also assist them discriminated against their brutal oppressors. Players can burst across the Venusian landscape that is open to pull off grabs, spins, rails and learn more about the magnificent Landscape.


The Corpus occupiers, headed to the Nef Anyo, deliver systems weapons, and facilities to endure, such as a shrine into Nef Anyo, a research center, and a spaceport. Tenno should keep a look out for spider-like machines. These creatures vary from Mites into the enormous Orbs that loom over the area. The Alert System that is new will continue to keep all players with Corpus and Raknoids reacting to action.


There’s so much to do! Stick to this Garuda Warframe — that offers a blend of Abilities to wreak havoc on almost any enemy’s route — rescue wonderful critters of this Vallis collect much more, and resources through fishing and mining. Come see with us!

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