OPUS Collection Launches April For Switch In North America


Acttil and PM Studios are satisfied to report today that OPUS Collection will be coming to North America for the Nintendo Switch.

Creation Collection will comprise of two games; OPUS: The Day We Found Earth and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers. These titles will be accessible as an assortment at some point in April for the Nintendo Switch in both physical and computerized position.

Furthermore, each duplicate of OPUS Collection will incorporate a voucher code that permit players to reclaim a free reward soundtrack that comprises of 36 tracks.

Here’s a review of the game, by means of Acttil:

Creation: The Day We Found Earth


A large number of years later on, humanity has left its home planet of Earth a long ways behind. Be that as it may, presently Emeth, a charming robot who has made a grave guarantee to his maker, must rediscover his lost country so as to spare the entirety of mankind. In any case, as he attempts to satisfy that guarantee, he starts to understand that he may hold a significantly more prominent reason… This air, clashing story is the ideal prologue to the universe of OPUS.

Key Features

Back home Bound: Operate a profound space telescope to filter the skies for tragically deceased Earth… and other untold privileged insights.


Self Discovery: Investigate your ship to reveal the historical backdrop of a centuries-old crucial by baffling thing.

Over the Universe: Explore a universe abounding with distinctive and energetic planets, clouds, and cosmic systems.

Inestimable Vibes: Lose yourself in a broad soundtrack that will pull at your heartstrings.

Creation: Rocket of Whispers


Witness the account of two forlorn overcomers of a whole-world destroying plague, who are given the apparently unimaginable errand of building an interstellar rocket. They will probably resuscitate the antiquated convention of room internment and return the lost spirits of the world to their vast country. Composed by the IMGA-named creator of OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, this story of misfortune and resurrection will flabbergast you.


Key Features

  • Land of Ice and Snow: Travel through the ruins of a frozen world, uncovering the history of a once prosperous land as you go.
  • Making Space: Gather the materials you need for your rocket, and craft tools to explore even greater distances.
  • Alien Artifacts: Uncover more than 100 items, each with unique artwork and descriptions informed by detailed research.
  • Aural Adventure: Roam through a beautiful, atmospheric soundscape created by indiePlay-nominated composer Triodust.
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