Deemo for Switch getting a physical edition in North America


Acttil and PM Studios reported today the Deemo for the Nintendo Switch will get a physical release in North America on January 29, 2019.

Deemo is at present accessible now for the Nintendo Switch by means of the Nintendo eShop. For the individuals who might want the physical boxed duplicate of the game, it will land in North America ahead of schedule one year from now. Those in Japan will get their physical release on October 25.

Here’s a review of Deemo by means of Acttil and PM studios:


For those new to Deemo, it is a music cadence game that revolves around the perplexing connection among Deemo and a young lady. The game advances as Deemo plays and finishes melodic piano scores so as to enable the young lady to return back to her reality. A splendid assortment of music styles and sorts are accessible in both instrumental and vocal music positions. For those looking for an additional test, every single playable tune include various trouble levels and adaptable note speed.

The Story

Deemo is a humanoid animal who carries on with an existence of isolation profound inside a stronghold. At some point, a young lady tumbles from the sky; she has no clue what her identity is, or where she originates from. As Deemo attempts to assist her with coming back to her reality, they find an unusual grow that becomes taller with each note that is played on the piano it’s joined to. In what capacity will Deemo change in accordance with a friendship it has never experienced? Will the young lady have the option to deal with whatever realities anticipate when her lost recollections return? Joined by the unpleasant notes of the piano, reveal the riddles encompassing the otherworldly Deemo and the perplexing young lady from the sky.​


Key Features

Melodic association! – Play Deemo, actually! Select melodies will include Nintendo Labo Piano help to permit you to plunge into the game’s really melodic world!

Genuine rhythms! – 250 or more charming tunes from an assortment of arrangers and kinds anticipate you! Let the song of the piano relieve your spirit!

Three trouble modes! – S

Key Features

  • Musical connection! – Play Deemo, literally! Select songs will feature Nintendo Labo Piano support to allow you to dive into the game’s truly musical world!
  • Heartfelt rhythms! – 250-plus captivating songs from a variety of composers and genres await you! Let the melody of the piano soothe your soul!
  • Three difficulty modes! – Start with the beginning Easy mode and work all the way up to Hard to test your sense of rhythm via simple, intuitive gameplay!
  • Beautiful hand-drawn artwork! – The gorgeous art of Deemo will tug at your heartstrings as the gripping story unfolds!
  • Mesmerizing story! – The music, artwork, and narrative all come together in this amazingly moving experience! Fall into the world of Deemo!

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