Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Will Add Super Saiyan Broly DLC In The Future


Might have come out however, the match is getting a great deal of content years and fighters . We can show that a variant of Broly will soon be releasing in the future following the film comes out.

As noticed in the most recent issue of V Jump magazine in Japan (through Siliconera), it’s been shown that a complete powers Super Saiyan edition of Broly is going to be inserted to Dragon Ball Xenoverse two as DLC sometime in the not too distant future. There’s not been any news yet in case a foundation Broly is going to be used.

The DLC is going to be predicated on the look of Broly in the new film. The film is out in Japan on December 14th, 2018 having an 2019 launch date for the remainder of the planet. The film adds the canon of this Dragon Ball timeline and Broly. Prior to this film, Broly was featured in a film that was not part of their canon.


The Broly is going to have cool move from the match that’s featured in the film. It is possible another character that is brand new will be inserted to Dragon Ball Xenoverse two though this information won’t be shown until after the film comes out.

Several items that are going to be offered in a future upgrade is a Tournament of Power Stage. There will be a Broly wig along with a Santa outfit to the avatar in an upcoming Winter upgrade that ought to be available.


More official information will be posted with Bandai Namco in a subsequent date. The Dragon Ball Super: Broly film appears cool and it is great that film content will soon be added to the a variety of games. Dragon Ball Xenoverse two is out now for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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