SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy – Are Skullo and Thief Arthur Worth


With the addition of challenges and adventures the idea behind fighting sport DLC would be to enlarge the sport. 1 personality can accomplish this, so that I could do that or alter my strategy to conquer whatever that brand new issue is. This will make some fighters particularly if their play style is popular or great. But because SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy is not as heavy as a conventional fighter, it alters how players strategy DLC. Now that two personalities are outside, are they worth your time or can it be better off sticking with the characters that are included?

Thief Arthur can be very intriguing and has been the DLC personality. Her whirl end attack is easy to property and delivers numerous strikes. Attack, possess your competitor reset, this movement is very simple to blend into and then do it . In reality, Thief Arthur is indeed very good at getting strikes you swap figures can do a punch, do her finisher, whirl end after which a few strikes and unlock the decoration.

Along with getting a particular, she two really good moves. Her standing assault that is fundamental throws a knife which is simple simpler to combo into and to land. In reality, utilizing it the second and performing the whirl end move you reach on the floor will connect. If you do not need to wait patiently, doing it instantly will do the job.

Is Skullo. Skullo is supposed to be a joke fighter despite a more transfer collection. Together with her strikes making chibi Skullos look, running like a character from Naruto and among her finishers with a joke framework chucked in, she matches an odd market.

The gap between Arthur and Skullo is simplicity of use. Skullo requires timing that is adequate, a few moves difficult to strike specials and with ends that are dead. Skullo does harm to compensate for this, it is just difficult to say if it is sufficient to compensate for her shortcomings in regards.


Where Arthur has motions that lead to an end, Skullo has none whatsoever. It is so bad that a single punch at the space and your moves array will push them apart. The attack I discovered that pairs is that the uppercut. Players have a window although both supers are tough to strike by themselves to follow with her dashboard punch.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy 86

Outside of battle, both Thief Arthur and Skullo are a little lacking. Even though they both have a story ending, neither character has an alternate costume. Both characters still have four colors and different accessories, so it isn’t so bad, just a little disappointing considering how nice some of the costumes are. They also lack a specific team ending image, likely to prevent complaints that players need two characters to unlock it, though it’s still a shame.


Overall, both characters add different things to SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. Thief Arthur is easily one of the most forgiving characters, with one of the simplest move sets in the game. Skullo is able to deal a lot of damage, she just requires a little more forethought to make her worth. Naturally, the two make a great pair, skullo to damage and Arthur to finish, so if you’re looking to get a little more from the core experience, the DLC is probably worth it. However, if you want massive game changing characters, you’ll most likely want to keep looking.

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