Katamari Damacy Is Rolling To The PC And Nintendo Switch Later Year


was a PS2 restrictive, yet now Bandai Namco has reported that the game will head the PC and Nintendo Switch stages not long from now.

The re-arrival of the game is called Katamari Damacy REROLL and it’s a remastered adaptation of the first exemplary game. The re-discharged variant of the game is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch with an overall discharge date of December seventh, 2018.

The game backings 2 players and can render up to 60fps. Some more data about the game can be seen underneath as posted in the public statement that was given out not long ago.

An interesting visual style and fun J-pop soundtrack make this a genuinely unmissable encounter for anybody youthful on the most fundamental level! Move through and investigate creative and eccentric levels with your glue circle (The Katamari), equipped for gathering paper-cuts, books, vehicles, structures, mountains and even landmasses, as it becomes bigger and bigger.


Following an especially enthusiastic night of fun, the King of All Cosmos has thumped all the stars from the sky. You assume the job of his child – the Prince, as he goes to Earth to gather and reassemble the missing divine bodies by rolling the Katamari over the globe and gathering everything in its way.


Katamari Damacy REROLL will highlight remastered illustrations and cut scenes just as new movement controls exceptional for the Nintendo Switch adaptation. Utilizing two Joy-Cons in TV mode or table-top mode, players can move the Prince around effortlessly by essentially turning their wrists. Players can likewise play in a multiplayer mode on the Nintendo Switch with one Joy-Con each

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