E3 2020: There is More to Team Sonic Racing than Winning the Race


From the earliest starting point Sonic has been synonymous with speed, to such an extent that a hustling game was inescapable. A long time later there has been a couple Sonic hustling games, which were met with different degrees of progress. The enhanced one, Team Sonic Racing, includes another contort and would like to proceed with the establishment.

On an essential level it’s difficult to disregard how comparative Team Sonic Racing and Mario Kart are. Both include characters from stages in vehicles, floating is critical, things can be gotten and utilized, there are increasing speed cushions and then some. The subordinate nature makes for a disappointing encounter, one that is just raised by the group based mechanics.


Even though players need to be fast and win, being the fastest isn’t enough to take home the gold. To walk away victorious your team needs to hold the highest overall spot, meaning it’s entirely possible to lose the race and still win or win the race and still lose. For this reason, it’s essential to not only ensure your place, but the place of your fellow racers.

This can be done by handing off items, assisting them in taking down a foe or whatever else the situation calls for. In theory, this can make it more of a party racer where causing havoc is more important than avoiding that last second attack or being angry about rubberbanding. Impossible to say how it will work under real world conditions, but, if nothing else, it has the potential to be quite interesting.

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