Pokken Tournament DX Review


The Nintendo Switch has been a massive hit since the hardware started a couple of weeks ago. Together with the hardware selling like hotcakes and out of stock in areas of the world, programmers are busy devoting a great deal of their games. That having been said, we have seen port a number of the Wii U titles like Mario Kart 8. Because of the success of Pokken Tournament on the Wii U, Nintendo has launched the version of Pokken Tournament which offers the complete package for anyone who would like to play with with the variant of the game. It’s pretty sure the game will sell as it is the first Pokemon game to hit on the Switch. However, is it really the definitive version of the hit Pokemon fighting game?

Almost all the articles in Pokken Tournament DX has not yet been altered. What you see or have played with at the Wii U version is the same one you will play in the Alter version. It hasn’t really changed. You will still be a Pokemon Trainer from the Ferrum Region that will look into the mysterious Pokemon’s look. You’ll rise up in the positions of battle trainers one-on-one and the Ferrum League to do so. For people who are currently expecting some kind of similarity you will be disappointed as it is a fighting game.


Besides fighting Pokemon or linking the Ferrum league, there are other things which you could do too. Among my favorites is currently performing the challenges or completing missions. By using a service Pokemon or doing particular missions, you will find avatar costumes or things which you can unlock. You really have been using though when you are doing a daily challenge, there is a possibility you won’t play as the most important Pokemon. Learn every skill and it is best to perform through the accessible roster.

In terms of the combat, the game still uses two modes during each fight. Depending on what attacks that are used, the battle can shift from the long distance Field Phase to the close up Duel Phase or vice-versa. Whenever the switch occurs, the Pokemon that you are using in battle will have their attacks changed. It’s really best to go through the Dojo in the game and practice with the attacks of the Pokemon you are using to fully understand the mechanics and be competitive in the game. Don’t worry about the learning curve as they are easy to master.


As for the roster itself, the ones found in the Wii U version are in the Switch version plus certain new Pokemon like Croagunk, Empoleon, Darkrai, Scizor, and Decidueye. These Pokemon are only exclusive to the DX version. Since it’s important to for a fighting game to have characters that people will actually want to play as, I’m glad that the DX version has new Pokemon added to the roster as its one of the main draws of the game. I myself love playing as Pikachu but there are times I have to use others like Empoleon, especially when Braxien is the one I’m fighting against.

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