Kyrie Irving Is On The Main Cover For NBA 2K20


2K Sports has declared and revealed that Kyrie Irving is on the cover for the primary NBA 2K18 game. On the pay to the Legends Edition, Shaq is for those wanting to know.

2K Sports says:”All-Star Caliber, Elite Scorer, Premier Point Guard and also an NBA Champion. 2K Sports Presents. NBA 2K20’s Cover Athlete. ”


When it came out in 2013, irving was on the cover NBA Live 14 back. It will be interesting to see that EA selects to be on the pay to your NBA Live 20 video game that is rival.


After the Cleveland Cavaliers won a year’s finals as some people know, Irving is an NBA Champion. It is another rematch between both teams this year. You could even check out gameplay in the brand new game below.

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