Why Minecraft Nintendo Switch Version Is 720p Both Docked And Undocked


On the off chance that you are playing the Nintendo Switch rendition of Minecraft, you will realize that the game is 720p both docked and undocked. This is an issue that Microsoft wants to fix later on.

Generally when you play a Nintendo Switch game undocked, it should knock up to 1080p while the handhold mode is 720p. Well in Minecraft the game is constantly 720p. Microsoft takes note of this is a specialized issue and it doesn’t have to do with the Switch’s absence of intensity.


Microsoft affirmed with TIME: “Microsoft takes note of that Minecraft’s 720p docked/undocked goals isn’t an issue of framework power, yet comes from issues at present experienced moving from one goals to the next when docking/undocking”


There is an opportunity the Switch rendition of the game could hit 1080p later on don’t as well, stress in the event that you possess the game. An update makes certain to be actualized sooner rather than later for it.

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