NPD Sales: Nintendo Switch Console Tops March 2020


True to form, the Nintendo Switch comfort was the top rated computer games support for the long stretch of March 2017 in North America. It is the quickest selling console in Nintendo’s history.

NPD affirms that 906,000 units of the Nintendo Switch comfort were sold in North America in March 2017. This makes it one of the quickest selling games consoles ever.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild additionally sold heaps of duplicates. 1.3 million Zelda games were sold. 925,000 units were for the Switch variant while 460,000 units sold were for the Wii U adaptation.


NPD says some Switch proprietors purchased the game twice which is the reason Zelda deals are higher than the support itself. A few people purchased the Limited Edition for show purposes and afterward purchased the standard adaptation to really play.


It was likewise referenced that the PS4 came next beating the Xbox One in March 2017. This could be on account of the extraordinary gathering that Horizon: Zero Dawn had.

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