Psyonix Thinking Of Porting Rocket League To Nintendo Switch


Psyonix might be considering porting over Rocket League over to the Nintendo Switch. The engineer initially needs to figure out how to get this going so the game will be at a playable state.

IGN got an opportunity to talk with Jeremy Dunham who is the Vice President for Psynoix. The studio needs to take a gander at the specialized impediments of the Nintendo Switch before they can port over Rocket League.


Dunham stated: “Simply like the various stages, we are assessing it. We’re hoping to perceive what the specialized prerequisites are. We’re hoping to perceive what sort of obvious network request there is. We’re hoping to perceive how it would profit the network in general. So we’re still in that assessment stage. It’s certainly too soon to state that it wouldn’t occur, but on the other hand it’s unquestionably too soon to state that it would”


Dunham reasoned that the Switch has just been out for one month so they have a great deal of time to perceive how the reassure is getting along and what the crowd needs from it. Rocket League isn’t the most requesting game out there, so a Switch port shouldn’t be too difficult to even think about doing. Also this game will be colossal for multiplayer.

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