Gaming Annoyances That Need to Fizzle Out in 2020


It’s simply the beginning of the year, however 2020 is as of now brilliant year for gaming. With fantastic encounters like Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us: Part II, Halo Infinite and DOOM Eternal propelling this year, combined with new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, it’s an extraordinary time to be a gamer. Talking about cutting edge comforts and with everybody concentrating on what the future brings, I figured it may be a decent time to take a gander at the past and the computer game industry overall should desert right now age. Think about this as the Gaming Annoyances 2020 rundown of stuff not to do in 2020 and past.




Gone are the days of being able to enjoy a multiplayer game for a month or two then moving on to the next thing. With timed cosmetics (hopefully only cosmetics) included in battle passes, seeing that fantastic skin that unlocks at level 100 which will require you to play 300 hours is usually an OK grind because you can play the game as usual. Games like Apex Legends, Gears 5 and Fornite still need you to complete challenges to earn stars or points to level up the pass. This is the absolute worst when a new week of challenges start, and everyone is trying to complete the same thing. Oh, you need to land and get three downs at this specific spot? You either deal with the entire player base landing there every game for the first week or if you’rere late to the party, enjoy waiting around in a spot that no one would go to unless they needed to complete the challenge. Let’s leave BP challenges in the past.

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