The 5 Greatest Gadgets Ever Invented for Gamers


The gambling business is booming and technology programmers are climbing milking it all of the way. Gamers are complaining however, with the latest technology developments impacting gadgets specifically intended for gambling, we don’t mind the intense competition happening behind the scenes, no matter how exorbitant the price. However, there have been a handful of gems hidden behind bonus levels that were unlocked and a lot of our web crawlers have discovered at least 5 of their greatest gadgets created appealing to gamers throughout the galaxy’s pockets. Here’s what we have discovered so far.

VR Headsets

In case you haven’t discovered it are you real? Digital movie gaming has quickly become a huge gaming fad for both mobile and PC players. Through a headset which supports 3 dimensional images, players are able to research games unlike anything. The Oculus Rift is one of the costly and most desired VR headsets to technology and date is only currently boosting the caliber of those gadgets. Players are able to interact with beings and things and surroundings burst before your eyes really.


Pip-Boy 3000

This is for all. A Personal Information Processor (PIP) has been designed to resemble a Gameboy with a difference. All players’ personal information and inventory items are kept in one collector’s edition of a mechanism worn on the arm that was . The mechanical apparatus looks attractive to players and the piece of legendary tech does work.


The Pip-Boy 3000 boasts real time mapping which is connected up to iOS system to log stats and all progress. It has been rumoured that the tech savvy version of this gadget will be published using a heart rate monitor to log those phases, something totally mind blowing for any gamer.

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