Mortal Kombat 11 Update 1.15 Rolled Out, Here Are the Patch Notes


NetherRealm Studios has discharged another Mortal Kombat 11 update today, and it’s live at this point! Reassure gamers will consider this to be Mortal Kombat 11 update 1.15, and is exactly at a sensible 355MB in size. While there’s no new substance, there are a large group of ongoing interaction changes included. Look at the full Mortal Kombat 11 update 1.15 fix notes underneath.

Mortal Kombat 1

General Gameplay Adjustments


• Fixed an uncommon issue that could happen after a Getup Forward Roll has been intruded on that could make characters travel through one another when playing out specific assaults (for example Jade’s Blazing Nitro Kick)

Character Specific Adjustments

• Erron Black – Grip Slam (Away+Back Punch) had its hit response balanced and has 1 more edge of hit advantage


• Erron Black – Fixed an uncommon issue that could cause Netherbeast Trap to transport the adversary to the focal point of the field in the wake of being hit with explicit planning

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