Ark Survival Evolved PC Patch Notes 306.63

ARK Survival Evolved PC Version Full Game Free Download

The programmers of Ark Survival Evolved have released a brand new Genesis upgrade to the PC version. We have all information regarding these updates in February 27.

The Ark Survival Evolved PC Update 306.63 are now available for all PC players.


Ark Survival Evolved Update Patch Notes

  • Decreased high quality tier loot fall rate from missions by approximately 40 percent.
  • Changed ocean platforms to be Blueprints just in mission rewards (to prevent demolishing rewards for materials).
  • Increased damage to insect swarms by Beelzebufo to 2.5x
  • Increased damage to insect swarms by Fire to 1.5x
  • Reduced wellbeing of insect swarms by 50 percent
  • Decreased AoE damage on the tek cruise missle
  • Reduced the burst radius and explosion emitter size on the tek cruise missle.
  • Fixed issue where insect swarms could attack through walls
  • Fixed a problem with Megachelon (turtle) taming method
  • Restricted cryo use and handicapped construction in the VR boss arena Fixed an issue where stone slides would linger after ending.
  • Fixed several visual bugs with Magmasaur
  • Fixed several visual bugs with Space Whale
  • Fixed several bugs with the Ferox taming process
  • You must now hold the sprint key with the Ferox when super leaping. As
  • a way to super jump, just jump + change right before landing following a
  • hop that is normal.
  • Bloodstalker can no longer be pumped out
  • Ambergris weight currently scales by 0.5 in Magmasaur to Aid with
  • increasing babies.
  • Adjusted the platform build area on the Megachelon
  • Fixed a taming bug using the Bloodstalker
  • Fixed a crash with Extinction’s horde crate and element node
  • Restored Extinction Horde style information
  • Fixed some bugs that caused projectiles never to expire on clients
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