Epic Quietly Removed This Much-Loved Fortnite Mechanic


Epic acquainted the coin flip technician with Fortnite Season X that made divider taking more pleasant. They have evacuated it with Fortnite Chapter 2, and the network is troubled.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a genuine come back to frame for the game. The plunder pool is better than anyone might have expected, the game feels adjusted, and the guide is connecting with and enjoyable to play.

Furthermore, Epic gives off an impression of being concentrating on fixing the bugs in their game instead of hurrying to include new things consistently. Apparently, this is a standout amongst other Fortnite seasons we’ve at any point had.


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There is one glaring proviso to the entirety of this, be that as it may: the absence of fix notes. It was justifiable for Epic to hold the fix notes for Chapter 2. They treated it like another game and new games don’t accompany fix notes.

What’s more, Epic appears to be focusing on fixing the bugs in their game rather than rushing to add new items every week. By all accounts, this is one of the best Fortnite seasons we’ve ever had.

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There is one glaring caveat to all of this, however: the lack of patch notes. It was understandable for Epic to hold the patch notes for Chapter 2. They treated it like a new game and new games don’t come with patch notes.

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