Nvidia didn’t have permission to put The Long Dark on GeForce Now, Developer Says


GeForce Now, Nvidia’s new streaming support, has shed another match. Last month, it dropped Activision’s games due to a”misunderstanding,” followed shortly after by most of Bethesda’s, and now it’s down The Long Dark, Hinterland Studio’s cold survival sandbox.


Instead Compared to a miscommunication, now there appears to have been no communication. According to director Raphael van Lierop, Nvidia added The Dark to its service without asking the programmer for permission.

On Twitter, Lierop explained that Hinterland apologised to players who have to put their excursion at least Now and requested it to be removed by Nvidia. “Devs should control where their games exist,” he added.


Apparently Nvidia offered a graphics card as an apology to the developer, Which appears like something you’d provide a client, not a Business partner. “Maybe they’ll Give You the Exact Same thing,” Lierop Joked at a followup tweet.

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