A simple solution to the Fortnite Shakedown Issue


There is a huge issue in Fortnite, at this moment: the Shakedown technician activating unintentionally. Here’s the manner by which to fix it.

Since Fortnite Season 2 originally turned out, players have been grumbling about the Shakedown specialist. Investigations are unbelievably helpful for finding the remainder of a contradicting crew, however the protracted liveliness triggers unintentionally awfully as often as possible.

You should simply investigate the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit to see the issue, in spite of the fact that you may have experienced it yourself.

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You can never again reload your weapon alongside a brought down adversary. In the event that you do, at that point you’re focusing on the ‘Investigation’ activity for in any event five seconds – all that anyone could need time to get you killed.

There are countless clips of this mechanic ruining games – dating back to the first day that Season 2 released. It was a noticeable issue from the beginning and one that players continue to encounter.

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There’s a very simple solution to this issue, however – one that several players have already suggested. All Epic has to do is make the ‘Shakedown’ option a hold-to-complete button.

The same could be true for picking up downed players – something that continues to be a problem for controller players. We can’t change the controller bind for picking up a player, so your Y or Triangle button is constantly compromised.

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This is an incredibly basic change and, hopefully, something that Epic is exploring. They can’t continue to add new mechanics without allowing us to change the binds for them. At some point, it will be too much for everyone.

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