Fortnite Brutus Loyalty Challenge Guide: Security plan Locations

The time has come to pick your side. Discover How to sneak Security plans in Shark, Rig, or the Yacht and send them to GHOST or even SHADOW.

Fortnite Season Two Week 2’Brutus’ Briefing’ Challenges are live, using a listing of tactics that are new to find XP and rank your Fight Pass . It is possible to have a peek at each one the challenges .

After You have finished a total of 18 battles you are going to have the ability to get into the Brutus Loyalty challenge, which will have security programs being stolen by you in Rig, the Yacht, or Shark.

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After The programs are stolen by you, you’re send them to the company or the company. This is the way you decide which Brutus version you get.
Brutus has fresh assignments.

The simplest Way is by simply visiting with the Yacht. Since the NPC Henchmen aren’t required for the battle you may try that one in Team Rumble.

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All Break through the inside and you need to do is land in the base of this Yacht. In which the information is found, you’ll locate a terminal. Have a peek at the picture below.

You are likely to need to head to provide them in mailboxes that are neighboring, As soon as you catch the safety programs.

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You will discover SHADOW and GHOST mailboxes. Reduce you desire.

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