How to Get the Wizard Zombie in PvZ: Battle For Neighborville


Here Is the Way to Receive your hands on the wicked Fresh Wizard Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville.

It’s March, so the Luck O’ The Zombie festival is currently in full swing in Plants Zombies Fight for Neighborville. Among the most anticipated elements of the event is a brand new character course, the Wizard Zombie’s accession. Keep on reading below to Learn how to get the Wizard Zombie at PvZ: Fight for Neighborville.

Ways to Have the Wizard Zombie

The Wizard Zombie is a brand-new playable character in Neighborville. It is also the first time that a character class that is brand new was added to the match. The Wizard is a character that provides support for allies. Unlocking the Wizard might take time depending on how frequently you play, Even though you might be eager to test out this new personality.

The Wizard Zombie can be obtained as the decoration On March’s Luck O’ The Zombie decoration map. To acquire the Wizard, players get to the close of the decoration map and need to earn and invest Prize Bulbs to prizes. It should take about 139 Prize Bulbs to achieve the Wizard with the path to the map. There are 3 ways to make Prize Bulbs at Battle for Neighborville: daily challenges, personality challenges, and XP accumulation.


One By simply finishing challenges of the ways Prize Bulbs is. 2 Prize Bulbs are up for grabs daily, and daily challenges reset every 24 hours. Players may earn 60 Prize Bulbs more than during March through challenges.

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Character Challenges

There Are personality challenges out there also on the message board at Giddy Park and also from the battle tab of the menu. Four sets of personality challenges are offered for March. Weekly, keys are allowed. Completing a pair of personality challenges will reward you Prize Bulbs. An extra five bulbs will be granted by finishing of the challenge sets, for a total of 10 Prize Bulbs from personality challenges.

Getting XP

Finally, The way is by making XP and enjoying the game. A Prize Bulb progress bar is in the corner of the menu which exemplifies just how much more XP is necessary to make the bulb. This technique requires one to play with the sport. This really is the other method to make Prize Bulbs that are sufficient to achieve the Wizard.

Save for April

Even though It possible to make Prize Bulbs that are sufficient to unlock the approaches being used by the Wizard Zombie above, a few players can not spend. PopCap includes a solution for all these players. The Wizard Zombie will be accessible for purchase in the Emporium, where gamers can pick up him for 500,000 coins of Rux. It is wonderful to have buy as an alternative Though this implies having to wait to use the Wizard.

Now you understand how to have the Wizard Zombie at Battle for Neighborville, you’re cast spells on enemies very quickly. Make sure you check out our additional Neighborville policy for more gameplay and guides hints.

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