Fortnite Search And Destroy change And Phasing Bug Fixed

Epic has balanced the Search and Destroy game mode alongside fixing a game-breaking staging bug.

Most players accepted that Fortnite v11.50 would have been an uncommon move from the game that we’d been playing for more than two years. At the point when the fix at last turned out, we saw that little had changed.

Epic could be holding off until Season 2 preceding they roll out any broad improvements, which bodes well. For what reason would they totally update the game’s material science directly before another season starts?

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One thing that the update did, in any case, was to present a large group of new bugs to Fortnite. There’s a not insignificant rundown of issues – some send you through the guide and others make cultivating increasingly troublesome. The most game-breaking bug permitted you to stage through structures as though they weren’t even there.

This was an unpleasant one. Epic expected to jump on the bug rapidly and, surprisingly, they did. They discharged a hotfix for the issue a couple of hours after the fix turned out.

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There are as yet a few different bugs tormenting Fortnite right now. The most irritating one, to me, is feeble focuses in structures neglecting to enlist. This bug makes cultivating unmistakably progressively troublesome and just appears to influence a portion of the players in a match.

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