How To Make A Spellcaster In The Sims 4

Thankfully, players can turn any of their existing Sim characters into a spellcaster. To do this, you will need to ensure your Sim is a teenager or older, and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to any lot in Glimmerbrook
  2. Find the portal to the Magic Realm and pass through to enter Magic HQ
  3. Look for one of the three sages (glowing symbols above their head) and ask them “How to use Magic”
  4. Complete the new quest by finding seven magical motes hidden around Magic HQ
  5. Bring the motes back to the sage to become a spellcaster!

Making a New Spellcaster

You can create a new spellcaster by adding a new occult Sim to a new household.

Making a new spellcaster Sim in The Sims 4 is the same process as making a mermaid. There are only a couple of steps involved and you will find most of your time is spent tweaking your spellcaster’s looks and traits!

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  1. Create a new household to move into by clicking the button on the bottom right
  2. Click the Add a Sim button on the bottom left
  3. Select Add Occult Sim option
  4. Choose Add Spellcaster
  5. Delete the original Sim

Once you’ve created a spellcaster in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, you will notice a different needs panel. This panel includes a magical orb which fills up whenever you cast spells. Cast too many spells too often and your Sim will be at risk of dying. This meter drains over time, so if you’ve been a little bit too zealous with your witchcraft, maybe let your wand cool down.

Now that you’ve made a spellcaster in The Sims 4, be sure to check out the Sims 4 archive for more news and information!

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