Fortnite controller pro Aydan goes all-in protect aim assist


Aydan agree with pros and fans in the and went to debate Replies. FaZe Clan member, Spencer’Bini’ Cherubini — a fellow controller expert — responded,”Yet to see that a single MnK expert successfully switch, let alone put like control players that have made the switch have.”

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Things got a little more heated with a single individual who replied,”I’m sorry bro but goal assist is broken up LMAO.”

Aydan Responded to this by saying that”Almost every participant that switched from control to M&K complains heavy about it. Appears like a reoccurring pattern for me” In a follow-up tweet, Aydan made the point that if Epic nerfed aim assist, every controller expert would need to”change to M&K or become immaterial.”


Streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani Chimed in on the topic as well, admitting that,”Obtaining good on controller takes a great deal more time than getting good on KbM.” His explanation for the rise of control players is the time it requires to obtain skill on the stage.

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In Response to a fan who had been surprised by Myth’s response, the streamer told him,”Becoming a leading TIER Fortnite participant on control is far harder if u have not played on controller vs learning computer keyboard and mouse and becoming a top tier player.”

Some Of the other notable responses include EpikWhale who said,”Oh facsimile” and Clix who accepted Aydan’s challenge. As he did not respond to the answer of Clix aydan might have been burnt on debating at that point.

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Aydan Has a point. Powerful transitions are seen by us from controller to M&K, but not the other way around. Sure, pro players mess around online controller, but no one is placing in Cash Cups the way controller players enjoy UnknownArmy put on M&K.


The Point might have been this, in reaction to someone debating Aydan Concerning the ability of aim aid:”That’s the matter is that they just talk bad About it since they don’t play it, not because they want the match to be balanced.”

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