here to Find the Black Souls Easter Egg in PvZ: Fight For Neighborville

Learn where to kneel before the Dark Souls bonfire in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville.

There Has to Be a Dark Souls enthusiast on the development team over at PopCap. Lately, a very clear reference to the Dark Souls games has been found in Plants Zombies Fight for Neighborville. Inside this guide, we will explain where to obtain the concealed Dark Souls campfire in PvZ: Fight for Neighborville for people who wish to kneel before the flames themselves.

The Dark Souls Easter Egg is located on the Peachy District turf takeover map at Fight for Neighborville. It is close to the end of the map, so the zombie team has to reach the phase which involves hacking on three broadcast vans.

Dark Souls Bonfire at PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

To locate The Easter Egg spawn from the bridge. For where the fence ends, Start looking, and fall down onto the parcel of land beneath close to the water. Near the stone wall, a bonfire is using a sword. Nearby, is a skillet on the floor.

For Those People Who Are unfamiliar with the Dark Souls Series act as save points. Players may kneel in a bonfire start functions, like replenishing health and to provoke it.
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This bonfire at Fight for Neighborville Is a small double-whammy. The onion has been put contrary to the intentionally, so it is a portion of their Easter Egg. From the Dark Souls collection, there was an NPC that players’ve dubbed the Onion Knight, as a result of his round armor looking like an onion. Whichever programmer placed this black onion with the bonfire at Fight for Neighborville has to be a fairly devout Dark Souls enthusiast.

This is not the first-time Dark Souls has made its way into one of those Plants vs. Zombies shot games. In the past match, Plants Zombies Garden Warfare two , There’s a Dark Souls bonfire Near the part of Seeds. That you had a knight kneeling with a bonfire with a sword inside, which makes it a very clear reference to the Dark Souls collection.

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