How to Get Tomes in Sea of Thieves


Discover the best way to get Tomes of Electricity and Tomes of Curses in Sea of Thieves.

Journals was the sole novels in Sea of Thieves However, there is tomes! Locating these tomes can be somewhat tricky for those gamers searching for versions. With Tomes of Ability to locate and Tomes of Curses to discover, understanding how to get tomes will help hasten the procedure for unlocking a variety of commendations
Which Are Tomes?

There are a couple of distinct kinds of tomes available in Sea of Thieves. You will find Tomes of Curses of Tomes and Electricity. Both are a part of this new upgrade, which includes its entrance.

This really is a Kind of treasure that Can be offered to Duke or even Stitcher Jim on almost any Outpost from the Tavern. You’re going to receive an money, doubloons As you won’t receive gold for selling a tome.

The tome you get from an Ashen Chest is arbitrary. There of Finding the tome that is precise you want. The only way you’ll get these As possible by amassing as many tomes commendations is!

How to Get Tomes – Power and Curses


Tomes can only be found in Ashen Chests, which are themselves difficult to find. © Rare

To find more tomes, players will need to find more Ashen Chests as this is the only way to get tomes. This is easier said than done. Ashen Chests are equally hard to come by but there are ways to improve your odds of finding one.

Ashen Chests can be found by searching small islands for Ashen Guardians. Kill an Ashen Guardian skeleton and it will drop a map to where one of these chests is buried. After digging it up, you will need to get your hands on an Ashen Key. Much like the Guardian skeleton, Ashen Key Masters can be found on small islands and drop a key when killed.

The other option is to complete skeleton forts. The last couple of rounds of a skeleton fort raid will always have an Ashen Guardian and Ashen Key Master. This guarantees you an Ashen Chest, which might contain one of the tomes you need.

Finally, skeleton ship battles often drop Ashen Chests. That ship cloud you see in the sky? Sail on over and defeat the skeleton ships to receive your reward. You’ll still need an Ashen Key to open the chest.


Getting tomes in Sea of Thieves can be difficult as they’re only available in Ashen Chests and the tome you get is entirely random. To make matters worse, Ashen Chests require special Ashen Keys to open. There are a lot of roadblocks between you and getting all of the tomes. Thankfully, there are activities you can do to help increase the number of Ashen Chests you get! Check out the Guide Stash Sea of Thieves archive for more helpful tips.

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