The Long Dark’s Errant Pilgrim Update is Now Live

The most recent survival mode upgrade to The Dark makes some significant modifications to the gameplay .

Players that have countless hours to The Long Black have been utilized to playing a particular manner. They understand how to endure and also have fine-tuned their formulation. Together with the Errant Pilgrim Upgrade to survival mode, it may be time. Is there a map Bleak Inlet, but there is also the inclusion of this Ammunition Workbench, permitting gamers to prolong their life expectancy at the apocalypse that is silent.

Errant Pilgrim also sees the Inclusion of word about the net that is standard and subreddit, and Timberwolves to survival style is that these wolves. I have yet to dive into myself and encounter thembut the way they’re described on The Long Dark site makes me somewhat nervous.

“A An abandoned center is revealed by shore. However finding your way is a two-stage affair, including getting the area from the Raven Falls ravine and Forlorn Muskeg. But see! Vicious Timberwolf packs have moved to this area and will defend their territory to the death”

Besides investigating Bleak Inlet what I am most excited about, though, Is your Ammunition Workbench. I wanted a way. There. But that I like to believe that I do, and if I understand Hinterland, ammunition crafting won’t be a simple job. Locating the equipment to manage the trek to obtain the Ammunition Workbench, in addition to ammunition, seems like a dangerous ordeal, but it is one I am looking ahead.

That is A lot to pack but there is more to get excited about. Hinterland has introduced three new Feats which Players may chase.

  • Blizzard Walker – Be outside during a blizzard for 20 days
  • Expert Trapper – Snare 100 rabbits
  • Consume 250 Coffee, Energy Drinks, or Stims

Finally, and I might be saving the best for last, players will finally be able to break down their old shelters and campfires. This is a quality-of-life update I’ve wanted for years. The Long Dark is one of the most gorgeous games on PC today, and there’s nothing worse than wanting to snap a sexy screenshot with no HUD and having campfires littering the ground in front of you. I guess dying is worse, but this is a close second.

Keep it locked on Guide Stash for more help with The Long Dark and its Errant Pilgrim update. We’ll be digging in over the holidays and will be working on some guides to help you survive Bleak Inlet.

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