Transport Fever 2 Rolls Onto Steam In December


Transfer Fever 2 will start on Steam in the not too distant future, and Urban Games has 17 minutes of gameplay to get you hyped.

We Guide Stash love our quirky simulation games, which explains the reason why now is a good moment. Today, publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and programmer Urban Games declared that Transport Fever 2 would arrive on Steam this December, and they brought a 17-minute gameplay video to get players in the mood.

Transport Fever 2 will arrive on Steam December 11, 2020, And the game will cover over 170 decades of real world engineering. The purpose is to build a transportation company effective at moving people and Cargo within cities and towns and across the globe. This can be Accomplished through land or air.

  • Experience the greatest logistical challenges from 1850 to today across three unique story campaigns featuring voiceovers and cutscenes.
  • Use over 200 realistically modeled vehicles from Europe, America, and Asia, including trains, buses, streetcars, trucks, aircraft, and ships, plus modular stations, airports and harbors.
  • Track and manage your booming empire’s rise with intuitive construction tools and dynamic economy, transportation, and city simulation systems.
  • Let your creativity run wild through giant sandbox maps in free play mode.
  • Choose from a diverse array of natural ecosystems, all rendered in exquisite detail.
  • Create and share your own worlds, missions, landscapes, vehicles and more with the in-game map editor and extensive modding tools via Steam Workshop.

We highly suggest you check out the gameplay trailer embedded above. There’s a surprising amount of details shown, and the game most certainly has that city-builder vibe, although this concept is a bit more specific than total city management.


Transport Fever 2 will be here before you know it, so head over to the Transport Fever 2 website to read more about what to expect and, if you’re inclined to do so, pre-order Transport Fever 2 on Steam. We hope to provide a full review once it’s out, so stay locked on Guide Stash for your Transport Fever 2 needs.

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