Fortnite v11.21 Unconfirmed Patch Notes

Fortnite v11.21 is here, bringing us several bug fixes. Here are, although this is not the Fortnite holiday upgrade.

The Fortnite v11.21 update is still fresh, but ancient players have indicated that Epic didn’t alter considerably. They included an update to Risky Reels ahead of a rumored event but left the rest of the map relatively unchanged.

We have the Fortnite Champion Series finals this weekend, so it makes sense that Epic didn’t do much to the existing map. We would not be surprised to see changes — Epic’s done it before — but it’s useful to know that the team that is competitive has observed the error of their ways.

Since this was the case, Epic focused on fixing bugs with the v11.21 update. The biggest bug they addressed was the controller input delay in Creative. Based on the wording, it’s unclear whether they fixed the issue or only included a workaround that has always existed – restarting the game.

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The ‘Bugs and Unannounced Changes’ megathread on Reddit is bare, which suggests there aren’t any hidden updates – at least ones that people have found. Here’s a breakdown of the bug fixes and unofficial Fortnite patch notes for v11.21

Bug fixes


  • Show FPS option missing from settings in BR/Creative

Battle Royale

  • Refund token count displaying incorrectly


  • Reports of controller input delay for certain actions
    • “We have addressed this issue in patch v11.21 and will address it further in our next release.”
    • Workarounds: restart the Creative game or open/close the menu.
  • Map Marker rotation axis is offset when rotating with Phone tool


  • FPS drops and hitching on Mobile
  • Increase of low-detailed buildings on Nintendo Switch

So, there you have it: a relatively uninteresting Fortnite update. We can expect a lot more coming next week when the holiday update eventually comes. For now, we just have the FNCS finals to look forward to.

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What do you want to see in the Fortnite Christmas update? Let us know in the comments.

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